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One Hour Day

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I hope to post most days but it will all depend on my level of fatigue and pain. Maybe this will encourage others to join in!

Thursday 30th

March 2017Posted by Flo Fri, March 31, 2017 02:30:28
I'm surrounded by aliens and flowers..

Just a quick blog tonight, it's already tomorrow so I need some sleep. I've done very well today, making flowers for my granddaughters Easter bonnet and trying to finish my alien set. I'm almost done, I just need to add some finishing touches to complete the look. I'll put a photo lower down but it's not very good as I don't like having an overhead light on (certain migraine) so it's a bit dark. I'll take more tomorrow when they are finished.

I bought some cupcakes for the cupcake holder so I could take better photos. I got it all set up outside in the sun and it started raining, bah. I got a couple of photos and rushed inside and it stopped after a few minutes. I didn't have enough energy to do it all again so they will have to do. At least I didn't eat any cupcakes. I'm taking them to my daughters tomorrow and my grandsons can eat them!

Anyway, sleepy tired exhausted, night night.

Ok, the photos are in the wrong place but I'm too tired to sort it. Night night. Again

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