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One Hour Day

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I hope to post most days but it will all depend on my level of fatigue and pain. Maybe this will encourage others to join in!

Tuesday 28th

March 2017Posted by Flo Tue, March 28, 2017 23:12:49
Bah! I just wrote my whole blog and tried to upload the photos and it all went blank so I'm having to start again. So it will be either much better or I'll miss out loads of things I remembered to put in last time.

So, I remembered what day it was today which is an improvement on yesterday. I had a good day finishing off the alien cupcake holder and I'm really pleased with the outcome. I have some photo's but they aren't very good, it really is my let down. I want to sell the things I make on Etsy but without good photos it's hard to get sales. I'm hoping to make a pink and purple one for the girls (or boys with good taste) or maybe adjust the design to cater for baby showers or hen nights, all things whizzing around my head.
A few months ago I made myself a lamp that I really loved. Being made from cardboard but quite sturdy it was ideal for the camper van. Unfortunately it wasn't sturdy enough to withstand me sitting on it so it is now in cardboard heaven, oops. I am going to make another one but think I'll do it in jazzier colours, seeing as it's for me!

night night for now

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Posted by Flo Wed, March 29, 2017 14:40:27

Love your work!!!