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One Hour Day

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I hope to post most days but it will all depend on my level of fatigue and pain. Maybe this will encourage others to join in!

Sunday 26th

March 2017Posted by Flo Mon, March 27, 2017 00:12:49
Today was Mother's day. My youngest son James suggested we went out for the day. We ended up going to a local lake but when we got there it was packed out, so we ended up going exploring and found a local 'The Range' store alongside a canal so we ended up walking the dogs along the canal then having a look around The Range. We also sneaked in a cheeky McDonalds, what a Mothers day treat! It also used up more than my hour of energy for the day. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow. I am hoping to get some crafting done though. I enjoy cutting out 3D models and have already made quite a few items. I keep giving them away without getting good photos though so I really need to make a point of getting some.

My latest projects include table flower decorations for a club dinner and a flower shop for my beautiful granddaughter.
My next projects are looking like they are going to be just as much fun to make. I'll let you know more tomorrow, now it's time for me to sleep.

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