One Hour Day

One Hour Day

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I hope to post most days but it will all depend on my level of fatigue and pain. Maybe this will encourage others to join in!

Monday 3rd

AprilPosted by Flo Tue, April 04, 2017 00:04:43
Added photo's, see below!

Hello anyone who may be reading. I'm not sure anyone does but it's a nice way to end my day, summing up the days events and non events!

im spending the night in my Bongo with my two dogs, Spindle, who is a 10 year old Boxer/collie cross and Bobby who is 3 and a Jack Russell crossed with a poodle, although the only poodle bit is his colour (black) and a wavy bit in his coat when I don't get it trimmed. He's quite naughty but only in a cheeky way. His worst behaviour is running off if not on his lead so sadly he never gets any really good run free time. There's a new place opening near me where you can take your dogs to play but it's a bit out of my price range. I was going to save up a bit and maybe take him once a month but now they have decided to charge 50p every time a dog does any toileting on the premises. They say the extra funds will go to an animal charity, which I applaud but that could really up the cost for me if both mine decided to cock their legs a couple of times. Anyhow, I'll just have to get him on his long lead and let him run, although he can almost pull my arm out of its socket when he gets to the end!

Ok, I sound boring to myself now so I'll sign off for tonight with a photo of Bobby on guard.

No photos, they won't upload from my iPad 😞 So I will have to add them tomorrow
night night for now xx

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Sunday 2nd

AprilPosted by Flo Sun, April 02, 2017 22:52:37
I spent most of my hour today trying to get my cutting machine (it's a Brother Scanncut 300) to cut my card stock cleanly. It's so frustrating! It all started the other day. I called in to The Range to spend my Mother's Day money on my favourite card stock. It's called Craft Sensations Basic Paper Stack. It's so nice, either 12 bright or 12 pastel colours, is a price I can afford only to be told they have discontinued stocking it! Aaggrrgh!

I've searched online but can't find anyone else who stocks it and to order from the manufacturer as trade the minimum order is £600, you do get free p&p though so silver lining and all that... anyway I bought the 'replacement product' that The Range employee (not the happiest bunny in the warren) assured me was of equal quality, even though it's only a4 whereas my favourite is 12x12.

It's not good. I spent ages last night adjusting my patterns to work with the a4 but it doesn't cut cleanly and looks definitely 'home made' rather than 'hand crafted'. I've emailed the company so I'm hoping for a reply tomorrow, if not I might just phone them!

So, no photos today because I haven't got anything done. I hope I'm not too boring.

night night for now.

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Saturday 1st

AprilPosted by Flo Sun, April 02, 2017 02:29:42
Well I wasn't an April fool, although I did see some good ideas that I wish were true. One was a creative hat that you wore and it sent all your ideas to your computer, the other was a drone that picked up dog poo! I could utilise both of those daily!

I haven't got much crafting done today. I cut some words out for my son and made him a sign to put on his fence to stop people parking and blocking his gate, I hope it works.

I used the most of my energy collecting a book case that I acquired through 'Schpock' (not sure of the spelling). I am moving into a smaller house next week so I've been on the lookout for furniture, it's very exciting trying to find bargains. Luckily the people I bought it off lifted it into the van and my son lifted it out at the other end. I am storing it all at my daughters (not long now then you can have your space back!) and I'm getting quite a collection.

A good friend has given me quite a few things and this week she brought me some beautiful large elephant cushions, I love them! I might take some inspiration from them and make some wall art for the new house.

So I have no new photos for today so here's a photo of something I made a few months ago. Once again it's not a good photo but it's a silhouette of my granddaughter and her dog, they are the best of friends and I wanted to show it.

night night for now xx

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